June 25, 2012

Coastal North Carolinians Deliver Over 3,000 Petitions to Sea Level Rise Bill Sponsor

RALEIGH, NC—A contingent of coastal North Carolinians will gather this Tuesday to deliver more than 3,000 petition signatures calling on legislators to reject legislation that ignores the best available science in planning for sea level rise. The petitions will be delivered to Representative Pat McElraft, the sponsor of H819, a bill that seeks to invalidate the findings of the North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission’s 2010 report that predicts up to 39 inches of sea level rise this century. Petitions will also be delivered to House Speaker Thom Tillis.

Coastal students, retirees, and North Carolina advocates for sound climate science will discuss the threat this legislation poses to their homes and economy with the press at 12:00 PM, and will then deliver the petitions to the offices of Representatives McElraft and Tillis.

H819 in its original form was rejected unanimously in the house last week. It is now being discussed in a conference committee for resubmission.

WHAT: Press conference and petition delivery urging the General Assembly to throw out H819

WHO: North Carolinians threatened by sea level rise (members of Forecast the Facts and 350.org)

WHEN/WHERE: Tuesday, June 26th at 12:00 PM at Legislative Building at 16 W. Jones Street.

VISUALS: Homemade signs, impacted community members telling their stories.

Forecast the Facts is a membership organization that seeks to ensure that Americans receive accurate information about climate change from the media, politicians, and corporations.

350.org is an international grassroots climate campaign active in over 180 countries around the world. “350” stands for 350 parts per million, the safe upper limit of carbon in the atmosphere. We are currently at 394ppm and rising.

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